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Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD)

The Graduates Of the Last Decade (GOLD) program is an IEEE entity that provides benefits for young IEEE members after their Student Member status has expired. If you are an IEEE Member who graduated with your first professional degree within the last ten years, you are automatically part of IEEE GOLD. Around the world, there are over 47,000 GOLD members and 100 GOLD Affinity Groups.

The continuing goal of GOLD is to find out what students need from their Society at this particular stage of their careers and how their Society can in turn offer additional value for members.

The IEEE GOLD webpage can be found here. EMBS has its own website dedicated to GOLD Activities. Please click on this link to visit the EMBS GOLD website.

How to become a GOLD Member

After you have graduated with your first professional degree, IEEE will identify you as an IEEE GOLD member. This is an automatic process. The IEEE GOLD identifier covers a 10-year period from this first graduation. If you continue your education after graduation and remain an IEEE Student Member, you will not be identified as an IEEE GOLD member.

Benefits of GOLD

Benefits of the IEEE GOLD program include:

  • IEEE technology and information
  • Online research & career resources
  • Online job search
  • Online seminars
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • Peer connection
  • Local social activities
  • Leadership opportunities

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